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120 parks slashed from Ballarat station

29 November 2016

Local Ballarat MP, Joshua Morris, has called on the Andrews Government to reverse their decision to scrap at least 30% of available car parks when the Ballarat Railway Station is redeveloped next year.

Plans for the redevelopment, which were released today, show a substantially reduced area set aside for car parks with much of the current parking space to be turned into a ‘public plaza’.

“This project will slash the number of car parks and move many of the remaining parking spaces further away from the station,” Mr Morris said.

Regional Development Minister Jaala Pulford has confirmed that the number of commuter car parks included in the project is just 270. A recent count of the cars parked at the station established that 390 cars can be accommodated by the current parking arrangements on site.

“The Andrews Government is effectively slashing 120 parking spaces which are regularly at capacity,” Mr Morris said.

There has also been no assurance from the Government that parking at the station will remain free.

“Making commuters pay for parking at the station would add an unacceptable extra cost to their already expensive daily commute,” Mr Morris said.

“In a week where the new train timetable revealed no improvements for Ballarat commuters, this is yet another serious blow for local commuters who access the parking area every day.”

“A large reduction in parks at the station will also have a negative impact on the liveability of surrounding residential streets.”

“Residents will be battling commuters to secure car parks outside their homes.”

Angry local commuters took to social media immediately after the plans were announced to vent their frustration with the Government’s plan to slash the number of car parks.

“I can understand why local residents and commuters who are frustrated with the Government and want to know how they will manage this parking fiasco” Mr Morris said.

“It’s already a long, slow trip to Melbourne every day and the prospect of not being able to find parking at the station will make things a whole lot worse.”

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